About Us

I'm Eric Jadaszewski, a native Floridian, Horticulturist and professional
nurseryman with over 35 years of experience.
I have owned and operated large wholesale and retail nurseries offering
landscape design and installation in Southern and Northern Florida as
well as New Hampshire.

Our focus has always been on native plants and sound ecological
landscape management, using the right plants and products in the right
places and excellent personalized customer service.

Our goal is to provide the best horticultural service to our customers.

Our mission....that is on the Services Page.  Check it out!

We are excited to me to announce a new employee this September 2019,
Kari Rountree from Naples will be working with us.
Kari has a lot of experience working as a volunteer at Corkscrew Swamp
Sanctuary in exotic plant control.  Kari had been working off an airboat
swamp buggy helping Corkscrew eradicate exotic trees from the
park.  Kari is a hard worker, very conscientious and is a welcome
addition to Everglades Native Designs.

Newest Member of the
Florida Association of Native Nurseries
Friends of Florida Panther Refuge

Glad to be back in the Florida Association of Native Nurseries as an
Associate Member under their Landscaping designation.
I was a founding member of this great organization back in the mid 1980s
when it was started through my wholes nursery Apalachee native
Nursery which was in Lloyd, Florida till I sold it in 1998.  Looking forward
to getting back in and involved with this worthy group that has done so
much to promoted the cause for Florida native plants.
Please check out the FANN at www.afnn.org

Friends of Florida Panther Refuge new members!
We just recently joined the Friends of Florida Panther Refuge
Organization in September as well.
This is another great group who's main focus is to help the endanger
Florida panther by supporting and volunteering at the refuge in rural
Collier County, Fl.  As Friends we help with outreach and promotion of
the park and it's panther preservation mission as well as hands on work
at the refuge like this Pollinator Garden that we helped out with back in
August along with my friends from the Naples Chapter of the Florida
native Plant Society.  Please check out the Friend's website at
Landscaping South West Florida with Native Plants  
Please feel free to contact us for the
*  Landscape Design
*Landscape Installation
*  Tree planting
*  Shrubs and Hedges
*  Palms
* Rare and Unusual plants
*  Landscape Consultation
*  Landscape Plans
*  Proper and Corrective pruning
*  Design and Installation of Butterfly
* Installation of Flowering trees and
*  Container Gardens
Full landscape designs done to
Here's an example of what we can
do for you.
Just give us a call at
(239) 300-8115

Great selection of native landscape
trees, palms, shrubs and ground
covers as well as fruit trees and
desirable tropical ornamentals for
landscapes, pools, patios and
Left, August 2019 'Work Day' at the Pollinator Garden at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in Collier County Florida.
Volunteers from the Friends of Florida Panther Refuge spent their Saturday morning building a pollinator/ wildlife garden at the

Right, September 2019, Florida Native Plant Society members cleaning up the Butterfly/Pollinator Garden at Everglades national
Parks western entrance in Everglades City Florida.  Everglades native designs was proud to help out at both of these workdays.
Landscape Technician
Kari Rountree