Horticultural Services
Services We Provide:

Tired of the same old boring, overly manicured, over trimmed South Florida
landscape with no imagination?     
Then we've got just the solution for you!

Let us design for you a new, diverse and low maintenance eco-friendly
landscape that reflects the true natural habitats that evolved here is South

Our mission is to improve the outdoor living spaces for our clients by using
the 'Florida Friendly Landscaping' model.      
This program was developed by the University of Florida and the IFAS
Extension Service to promote healthy and environmentally sound
landscapes that conserve our state's natural resources especially our
precious ground water!

Here are the program's 9 sound
horticultural principles:

1 Right Plant, Right Place.
2 Water Efficiently
3 Fertilize Appropriately
4 Mulch
5 Attract Wildlife
6 Manage Yard Pests Responsibly
7 Recycle Yard Waste
8 Reduce Storm Water Runoff
9 Protect the Waterfront

Please give me a call at
to arrange for a consultation.
Landscaping South West Florida with Native Plants  
Please feel free to contact us for the following:
*  Landscape Design
*Landscape Installation
*  Tree planting
*  Screens and Hedges
*  Palms
* Rare and Unusual plants
*  Landscape Consultation
*  Landscape Plans
*  Proper and Corrective pruning
*  Design and Installation of Butterfly Gardens
* Installation of Flowering trees and plants
*  Container Gardens

Full landscape designs done to scale.
Here's an example of what we can do for you.
Just give us a call at (239) 300-8115